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Fix “you are accessing a non-optimized Hue” message with Proxy/LB setup

Experienced warning message during accessing Hue Load Balancer service on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine:

Warning Messages:

You are accessing a non-optimized Hue, please switch to one of the available addresses: http://hostname.fqdn:8889

How to fix:
Hue -> Configuration -> Hue Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for hue_safety_valve.ini  


Search ” hue_safety_valve.ini ” on search bar in the hue configuration section, you can find Hue config on Cloudera Hadoop Manager in the list of services stats.    

Then you just insert this line of query:

hue_load_balancer=http://fill here:8889,http://hostname.fqdn:8889

*notes ‘fill here’ is the parameter you should change with your access url to hue.